Home Loan Consulting

A Home Loan is the type of financial assistance offered by banks or Registered Housing Finance companies to buy a new property or construct a home and refurbish the existing home according to the requirements. Home loan is similar to other loans, which will be sanctioned only if appropriate security details provided is approved. The person who owes home loan shall be liable to pay back the principal amount, the interest rate in specified time duration for which loan was sanctioned. Our staff will assist in the required documents to be submitted to the bank. To cater the varied needs of the people, and make this process hassle-free, quick loan approvals & reasonable interest rates will make your housing loans experience a great one.

Eligibility Conditions for a home loan:

The Following criteria must be satisfied by an individual in order to process Home Loan application.

  • The individual should be an Indian Resident or NRI.
  • The individual should be above 24 years of age at the commencement of the loan.
  • Maximum age should be below 60 or retirement age when the loan matures.
  • The individual should be either Self Employed or Salaried.

Rate of Interest on Home Loans: Types of Reducing:

Interest rates differ from bank to bank and generally, it varies from 8.7 to around 12%. The Interest on Home Loans in India is usually calculated either on monthly reducing or yearly reducing balance. In some cases, daily reducing is also considered.

  • Annual Reducing:
  • The principal for which you pay interest reduces at the end of the year.

  • Monthly Reducing:
  • The principal for which you pay interest reduces every month as pay our EMI.

  • Daily Reducing:
  • The principal for which you pay interest reduces from the day you pay your EMI which is less than the monthly reducing system.

What is the Fixed rate of Interest?

The rate of interest that remains unchanged for the complete time period of the loan and any individual who owe this type of interest will not benefit even though the rate of interest drops in the market.


Equated Monthly Installments

Home Loan & EMI Calculator

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Interior Design and Consultation

Interior Design

interior-design-image More than finding you a home, we also suggest you for some of the reputed interior experts who will understand your design requirements better & style your living space in a unique way. We also help you in the negotiation of price and ensure best quality materials are used to design your home.

List of interior service provided by us:

  • False Ceiling:
  • The False ceiling or Dropped ceiling is an additional design which will enhance the elegance of your home by giving it an amazing finish. This type of ceiling will increase the inherent character of the architecture, blending the new with the original with innumerable patterns and colors to beautify your home.

    It is usually designed to hide the electrical lines and plumbing connections as it makes the home look awful.

  • Choosing Best Colors
  • A color is a robust tool in the interior design. Choosing the best color combination can be a challenge as every color chosen should suit the furnishings & lightning in the home. Light background colors are well-suitable for living room whereas elegant colors are for bedrooms.

    Transform the dull space into a sensational environment that inspires every minute of your life.

  • Flooring
  • We provide a wide array of flooring options that fit your lifestyle and are necessary to enrich the decor of a home. Types of Flooring offered are Vitrified tiles, Marble & Granite Wooden etc., which adds elegant, sophisticated touch to the living space.

  • Accessories and Furnishings
  • Home looks more beautiful when it is added with perfect finishing touch with accessories and furnishings that fit the different part of the home. Living room should have wide space to gather more people whereas the dining hall should have sufficient space to accommodate for dinner or breakfast with the family.

    Also, we provide design consultation for bedrooms, study rooms, and kitchen with furnishings such as wardrobes, kitchen partitions, study room book rack, table etc.


Vaastu - Tips

Vaastu for Home

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. The term ‘Vaastu’ is derived from Sanskrit word Vasu means ‘Earth’, while the word Shastra means ‘Science’. Vaastu is a complete understanding of direction, geography, topography, and environment. It defines the five directions which comprises of five elements i.e. Pancha tatva – Space, Air, Water, Fire & Earth. Vaastu aims to bring a proper balance between the five elements of nature which are essential for the existence of life and utilize them in the best way to energize mental & physical energies of the inhabitants.
Vaastu Tips is one of the significant fact home buyers prefer to, as it adds positive energy to Homes. Vaastu-compliant homes are designed based on various forms of energies around us. These energies when balanced properly can enhance peace, prosperity, health, wealth and success in our life. Directions are always as important as elements of nature and each direction is governed by diverse deities in Hindu mythology and in turn, such deities govern various aspects of our life. Directions & Vaastu surely bring in good luck if kept in mind while buying & construction of a property.

Check the following details of Vaastu Tips that should be implemented in the design of any residential space.

1. Main Entrance:

  • The main door should always be in the North and East, as it is an auspicious direction naturally and scientifically as the earth rotates from west to east sun seems to rise in East and sets in the West.
  • It’s invariably better to possess an east facing entrance as Homes get ample amount of natural Sunlight and fresh air into space from them.

2. Master Bedroom: 

  • A bedroom is a place where we relax after a whacked day’s work and have a sound sleep to gain energy for the next day.
  • The master bedroom should be in the Southwest corner and if the home is multi-story then master bedroom should be on the top floor.


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