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Homes247.in is an online real estate portal. Our aim is to provide end to end assistance for our customers and help them right from the property enquiry stage till they own it. 

We have the best customer support team always ready to accept the queries & resolve them by providing better options in accordance with the requirement and the same will be forwarded to the relational managers. Also, our sales team is a collaboration of young, expertise and dynamic team members with vast experience in real estate. With this knowledge, we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition to this, we assist you in the site visit and our experts will guide you and answer all the property concerned queries, suggest with suitable options that meet your requirements. 

Apart from this we also assist you in the resale of the property and help you in all legal proceedings, provide financial assistance from the reputed banks and finance institutes at 0% processing fee.

We will be with you in future and provide our service even after you have settled in the residence.

  • interior
    Interiors design
  • carpentry
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • cleaning
  • painting
  • pest-control
    Pest control service
  • relocation
    Packing and relocation
  • carpet-service
    Carpet installation and cleaning
  • sewage-treatment
    Drainage and sewage cleaning
  • window-cleaning
    Window cleaning
  • carpet-cleaning
    Other hands on service
  • electronics
  • ac-services
    Maintenance service for AC

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