Home Buyers Guide


Buying a Home is a lifetime plan and, in some case, it will be the investment of all his/her savings from their career. Following are the list of Keywords any Home Buyer should consider before deciding to invest in a property to ensure that their investment should not go in vain.

  1. Clear Titles
  2. Approvals
  3. Location
  4. Best Quality of Construction
  5. Community
  6. Well Connectivity
  7. Basic/Daily Needs Closeby
  8. Best Layout Plan
  9. Commencement & Occupancy Certificate
  10. Vaastu Complaint
  11. Carpet Area
  12. Undivided Share
  13. Specifications/Fittings
  14. Good Rental Yield & Resale Value

These factors are explained below in detail which will help First time Home buyers to know about real estate industry jargons and have updated knowledge.

1. Built Up Area:

Built up area is the area of the apartment that includes the area covered by the walls or it is the sum of carpet area in addition to the thickness of the walls and the balcony. Super built-up area is the sum of the built-up area along with the area under common space available in the project are Lobby, Lifts, Staircase & etc.

2. Carpet Area:

Carpet area is the actual area of the apartment that a carpet can cover, which does not include the area of the walls. In normal standards, the Carpet area will be 65%-80 % of the Super Built-up Area.

3. Clear Titles:

Clear title is a clear indication that the Project name is officially registered on the behalf of the builder. In other words, it is a title without any kind of lien or levy from creditors or other parties and poses no question as to legal ownership. An individual or the organisation who has obtained the title will be the undisputed owner and there is no further question like who owns the property, and there is no chance that anyone can challenge the ownership or make any kind of legal claim to the property.

4. Undivided Share (UDS):

Undivided Share is the percentage of land allotted to the buyer while purchasing a flat. When a Home Buyer Purchases an apartment, he/she is authorised to two things:

  • To Construct the Building.
  • The proportionate share of the land on which the whole Building is constructed.

5. Khata:

Khata is an essential document when buying a new property. It may be defined as “A document that shows a property owner having an account with the municipality for paying taxes”. The concept of Khata was introduced by BBMP after formation in 2007. In order to simplify the collection of property taxes from residents of Bangalore, khata is the need for uniform taxation policy.

Types of Khata – A, B & E

Any property buyer should know about Khata while buying a new property. Khata is divided into three types:

A Khata: An A-khata means you are buying a property that is legal, and it will allow you to construct it and obtain a trade or building license.

B Khata: B-Khata means that the property is illegal or semi-illegal, have pending property taxes to be cleared or do not conform to government rules regarding properties. B Khata can be upgraded to A Khata property by paying due taxes till date and betterment charges levied by the local authority. 

E Khata: E-Khata refers to the electronic khata that is filed online. The property owners can pay the taxes online.

A separate register is maintained by BBMP that list the legal, illegal or Semi-Legal Properties in the Bangalore. This register enables BBMP to collect taxes from buildings constructed illegally i.e. properties in violations of by law, construction is done in unauthorised layouts or in revenue lands or properties without having issuance certificates.


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