5 Tips For Arranging Mirror in Home as per Vastu: A Glance

Date : 6-June,2020|Read: 5 mins

They say the biggest changes come from the smallest of things. Vastu experts agree that even a mirror in home as per Vastu arrangements can bring you prosperity. With excessive lockdowns, boredom can play the devil's role. Hence, we are going to show; the different ways of arranging a mirror in our homes according to Vastu.

What is Vastu?

It is a system of building and arranging certain items around your house in certain locations. The idea is that these locations vibrate different types of energy, which can both improve or cause problems in your daily life. Some Vastu experts even say that these small mistakes can cause the biggest misfortunes for people.Vastu for Homes, thus becomes an important principle of our lives

Thus, even a simple mirror in any home or business firm has the capability of:

  • Increasing prosperity
  • Engaging in positive vibrations only
  • Throwing away all negative energy

So, take 10 mins of your time and position your mirror in home as per Vastu to get the maximum benefit.

Different types of Mirror

Which kind of Vastu mirror for Home? What is the ideal Vastu Mirror Shape?

According to Vastu, many Vastu experts agree that going for Square or Rectangular mirrors is considered the most auspicious. It is also said to avoid oval shape or any other irregular shaped mirrors.

Vastu does not pose any necessary restrictions to the size of the mirrors, so feel free to pick the size you see fit. So to choose the mirror for home or best mirror in your home as per Vastu, all you have to do is go for definite shapes.

1. The Side of things:

They say that Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, resides in the Northern direction. Thus making it the ideal direction a mirror should face for those who are willing to attract wealth and prosperity. This direction also promotes good energy and spreads positivity across the home.

2. Looking east:

The eastern direction is fully supported by the water element. The east direction, as per Vastu, cleans out negative energies. An important idea to note is that when hanging mirrors in your house. The mirrors must be a good 4 to 5 feet off the ground, lying flat against the wall.

To answer the question,

Where should mirror be kept or mirror on which wall according to Vastu?

The answer is any definite shaped mirror in either the eastern direction or the northern direction will attract their own elements. Each adding a different aspect to your daily life.

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3. Reflect the money:

It is said in Vastu Shastra, that when any mirror is kept facing a locker. Or money concentrated areas in the house, then the money will Double. This will also add to the increased prosperity of the family or business. Some Vastu experts even say that mirrors placed against money can attract more customers and well-wishers. The best place for a mirror in Home as per Vastu or in your business.

Bedroom Mirror

4. Pillow talk:

Mirrors should be usually avoided in bedrooms, as they tend to disturb sleep for the people in the room. The image projected on the mirror should not be visible to you while you sleep. Mirrors tend to bounce energy, which can make the room feel restless and compel you to stay awake.

Mirror position in bedroom as per Vastu should also be avoided for another reason. The reason being that any reflective surface that faces you sleeping is said to enable bad energies that might draw a third person into your relationship. So best, avoid these for that healthy private life for you two love birds. This is the best tip for bedroom to place a mirror in Home as per Vastu!

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Living room Mirror

5. Centre of the Home:

The living room, often considered the center of the home, is where Vastu defects tend to be usually present. Placing a mirror in the living room as per Vastu can increase the charm of the place. Mirrors, as said earlier, bounce energy off themselves. Placing the mirrors to reflect positive surroundings such as landscapes, family portraits, etc. A mirror in the living room that faces a small garden can also boost the room's positive energy. Also according to the same tenet, the mirror in front of door vastu is a dosha!

It is all about the placement of the mirrors, arranging the mirror in our home. Some thoughts might just shine your life into a better one.

Do Not Do List for Mirrors for home and Vastu Methods.

Fogged Mirror

Now all of this sounds easy enough, but what should you avoid. Vastu is something that should be taken seriously, as it can lead to misfortunes if not followed correctly. SO here is a list of what you should not do for your mirror.

  • Do not put the mirror in the South wall as per Vastu: The south corner has fire energy. And the mirror has water energy. So, it is said that placing the mirror on the south extinguishes the fire energy in your home or living room. It extinguishes the fame & luck of the south corner and brings a bad name to you. It might also give heated arguments or accidents or bad luck due to the clash of fire and water.

  • Avoid transparent glass windowpanes and doors; keep them translucent.

  • Avoid using an unframed mirror according to tips for mirror in home as per Vastu

  • No mirrors behind the sofa or bed.

  • Kids might lose focus on studies if there is a mirror near the study table.

  • A mirror on the West wall in kid's bedroom keeps them busy in influencing opposite gender people.

  • Cluttered or dirty or any unpleasant reflections can cause discomfort and even misfortune.

Following these steps, one can quickly achieve the Vastu-tastic life, with their prosperity knowing no bounds. Take this lockdown, productively by following the Vastu Shastra so that you can set you home in the most perfect way. Just according to Vastu Mirror for home tips, to attract a lot of prosperity and good energy or mirror in home as per Vastu.

We could use something like that, right about now. Can't we?

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