How to Control and Reduce Noise Pollution in your Home?

Date: 7-August,2021Last Updated: 26-September,2022
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The blazing horns, street dogs barking, sirens and screeching tyres all of which hurts our ears beyond explanation.

Yes, Noise Pollution has indeed become a menace!

With the advent of urbanization, Noise Pollution has become a rather hardened nut to crack too.

As these activities are the spine of our nation's progress and economics, we can't simply discard them and soundless machinery and tools for transportation, and construction etc. are relatively futuristic; most of us suffer these sounds in silence (pun intended)

So before exploring further,

What is Noise Pollution?

Noise Pollution or Sound Pollution is the propagation of sounds raised more than the accepted level in a particular environment.

These sounds mostly originate from human or animal activities and are considered harmful.

The streets are fine, but what happens when you get back home?

Home - your serene shelter, the place where you can be unapologetically yourself!

What if, Noise Pollution invades our sacred space too?

Well, that's where we draw the line!

Though noises less than 115 dB (decibels) can be tolerated, and the average noise is 98 dB according to WHO, the noise and sounds at residential spaces should not exceed 50 dB.

But in cities, where the apartments or the villa projects that are often found nearby at the busiest roads suffer from excess noise. So, prevention of noise pollution is not something we can just leave to the authorities or the future. There are infact many simple ways to control noise pollution.

Let's check out some ways to reduce noise pollution.

How to reduce noise pollution in our Homes?

  1. Turning down the TV's Volume

  2. Soundproofing the rooms

  3. Planting more trees around

  4. Wall to Wall Carpeting

  5. Strategic placement of Furniture

  6. Low Sound Home Appliances

  7. Sound Cancelling Headphones

Let's Explore in Detail,

Turning down the TV's Volume

There's nothing like streaming some of your favourite thriller and horror movies at the weekend! But the sounds might be a disturbance to many of your neighbours, so start from your own castle!

The TV volume can also cause trouble to the other members of the family, especially the elders. So whether it's the news or entertainment programmes, just watch with an adjusted volume!

Soundproofing the Rooms

Soundproofing is no longer limited to musicians now! With cheaper noise logging kits and other soundproofing equipment available readily on e-commerce platforms, anyone can turn it down a notch.

Equipment like Door Weather Stripping, Window strips, drywalls sets, it's relatively easy for anyone to revel in silence.

Why even just closing the windows and doors can help block out noises. But make sure the ventilation is proper!

Planting More Trees Around

Trees are natural sound absorbers, and this will work brilliantly for the people who live in suburbs and independent houses. Besides, having a small garden and a few trees around the block will bring around a total eco-friendly lifestyle too!

However, the pure city folks will not have that luxury. But the apartment complexes with enough open spaces are a boon, though.

You can also grow indoor plants to bring about a change of decor as well a enhance the prevention of noise pollution.

Wall to Wall Carpeting

This is for the ones who want to spice up their home decor. With different designer carpets, one can turn around the ambience of the living spaces to a whole new level.

Besides, the proper placement of Wall Carpets can reduce the incoming noise greatly.

Strategic Placement of Furniture

Placing the Furniture within certain pain points that rope in more sounds can reduce noise pollution greatly by scattering the sounds.

Thus with adding more larger pieces of furniture can boost the noise reduction as it negates the echo within the room.

Low Sound Home Appliances

It's not just the TV that causes loud noises in our homes, is it? Many old appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators make a lot of noise.

Either repair them, or else you can always go for newer and more efficient versions, which also cause less noise or sounds.

Sound Cancelling Headphones

We'll suggest this as a last resort!

These work almost every time, and if you guys are living too close to an airport or train station, then this is for you!

Sound Cancelling Headphones, earplugs or earmuffs can keep our ears safe!

Though these are mostly DIY tips for reducing Noise pollution, we'll always suggest seeking the aid of professionals,

If you are planning to build a home, then make sure to ask the architect or the engineer to draft up soundproof designs within the layout.

Or, if you already own a home, then ask an interior designer to help in the prevention of noise pollution.

And if you know some other tips to reduce noise pollution, do share it with us in the comments below!

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