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List of Top 10 Builders in Bangalore

Date: 3-May,2019Last Updated: 4-November,2020

Indian Real Estate

The Indian Real Estate sector has been booming with top quality developers building multiple projects across all metropolitan cities. Recently, in a survey of the best real estate developers in India, it was concluded that Bangalore is the coveted destination for top quality property developers in the country. As per the latest survey, of the top 10 property developers in the country, 5 are from Bangalore. This reflects the stature of Bangalore in Indian Real Estate. Let's understand why Bangalore is a better city for Real Estate.

Bangalore based Sobha Developers has been acknowledged as the best independent property developer in the country as per the survey by Track2Realty.

The criteria for the best practices 2019 rankings was fiscal management, quality of execution, consumer connect, desirable practices and functional professionalism.

The results of the survey were:



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Being the leading real estate aggregator in Bangalore, we have built an exceptional relationship with the esteemed developers from Bangalore and would like to share our opinion on why Banglore developers are leading the Indian Real Estate sector.

Here are the list of Top Builders in Bangalore :

1. Sobha Developers

Sobha Developers is famous for its efforts in ensuring quality is delivered to customers. Apparently, the chairman of the company takes a proactive interest in ensuring the deliverance of quality right from the doors, tiles, water pressure to the common amenities offered. The sincerity of a developer in keeping their promises and upholding quality and standards of construction is integral to customers satisfaction and Sobha does make sincere profits to satisfy home buyers.

2. Embassy Group

The Embassy Group has been known for its exceptional strides in the Real Estate market, both residential and commercial. The recently launched Embassy Parks REIT IPO is the first REIT in India and the Embassy group is the first Indian property developer to foray into this avenue. This reflects the merit and the majesty of the Embassy group as ensuring quality and satisfaction consistently over various avenues of real estate is the reason the Embassy Group is on the third place.

3. Prestige Group

The Prestige Group has been known to develop some exceptional commercial and residential real estate projects over the years. The Prestige group is a leading developer in Bangalore. They have an impeccable acumen for developing high quality, modern and exquisite architecture improving the standards in the Bangalore Real Estate market. Most of the modern commercial buildings in Bangalore have been developed by Prestige Group itself.

4. Puravankara Group

The Puravakara is from that generation of builders who have started adapting to today’s highly evolved customers. Home buyers nowadays are focusing on quality and standards of living more than anyone else. With a bevvy of options available to choose from, customers have developed a lot in terms of their knowledge of real estate and related things. The Puravakara group believes in using high-quality material exclusively which ensures end-user satisfaction.

5. Brigade Group

Brigade developers are the first developers in India to launch a startup accelerator programme which was, in fact, one amongst the top 5 startup accelerators in the world. Brigade Group is said to have implemented a construction improvement technology called Construction Quality Assessment System. This system ensures inspection of every stage of construction. This method is essential in minimizing defects and improving the time of construction. Quality control, inspection and analysis is a necessary approach in Real Estate which is why they are renowned to customers.

In a city like Bangalore, where the market is immune from speculative investments the market has progressed with builders improving their quality and efficiency. These attributes can be deemed as the reason for professionalism prevailing here. Bangalore is a city of working professionals and the real estate market here is completely end-user driven. Thanks to this, builders and developers are following the right systems of discipline to cater satisfactorily to clients from this background.

The onus is on innovation, quality, concept, and compliance. Homebuyers in Bangalore buy from a modern and futuristic perspective looking to get ultimate value for money and also long-term growth and vision.

Another wonderful aspect in the Bangalore market is the transparency between the authorities, the buyers and the sellers. Most of the purchases here are white transactions with the majority of the buyers being white collared and IT professionals.

NRI buyers looking at India from an investment perspective are also choosing Bangalore thanks to the balance and stability in the market here.

Developers in Bangalore are of the opinion that buyers in Bangalore have evolved to a higher class of living and buying. With most of the people in Bangalore being migrants, travellers, and businessmen they are all accustomed to a certain standard of living and quality of construction that suits today's modern lifestyles. The buyers here understand the market pretty well and can be very demanding as well say, top developers.

Another factor why Bangalore is the top destination for real estate is the efficiency of developers in Bangalore. Bangalore developers are known for their timely delivery of projects reflecting the developer’s ability to smartly manage their demand, supply, and finances.

In India, Bangalore has the record for the punctuality in delivery and consistency in quality thanks to its ever professional developers and buyers.

The reason developers here are prevailing over developers elsewhere is the commitment towards the operations, finances and the product aspect of the property. Not only this, the unending commitment towards customer satisfaction is what makes them better than the rest.

In conclusion, developers must understand that the market runs on merit and trust. Developers must make sure they fulfil the promises they make to the buyers. This builds a certain trust in the market which makes it a reason for buyers to trust the developer's promises. Experts View:

As per the latest trends in the Indian Real Estate sector, it can be seen that Bangalore is the leading destination for the real estate sector in India.

We at have always taken the effort to promote cleaner and better developers as for us our homebuyers’ interests are a priority.

We do not consult for commercial benefits, we work with the sole goal to find homebuyers their dream homes and investments without them having to do the background check and scrutinise into other aspects.

Our team of esteemed experts has been trained over the years to help you understand your needs and guide you in the best possible way.

Our initiatives to educate homebuyers, investors and all people the ins and outs of the Real Estate sector and guide them sincerely has always kept us a couple of steps above the competition.

Hence, we persuade you to go through our home guide, optimise your options by looking on our website and get in touch with our team to fasten your home search.

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