5 Innovative Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Date : 23-August,2019|Read: 5 mins

Earth is composed of 70 percent water but even then only 1 percent of water is available to us. With more places on the planet fighting water shortage, it is becoming important to take quick measures to save water. A reduction in water usage will result in decreased electricity use which will lead to water conservation and electricity for the future generations. We can save water for the forthcoming generations by employing basic and effective methods in our daily life. Whether you're washing clothes, taking a shower, brushing your teeth or gardening there are simple ways that can be employed for water conservation.

Ways to save water at home

Turning of the Tap

1.Turning off the tap

A faucet or tap thrown out 1 liters of water every minute which is why it is important to turn it off every time when not in use. For example, while washing your hands or during the times that you're brushing your teeth. Turn on the faucet or tap to wet your brush or hands and then turn it off, turn it on again when you want to rinse your hands or mouth.

2.Save water while using the flush

Converting the old flush into a dual-flush toilet will save three to four times more water.A dual-flush toilet uses less amount of water to flush liquid waste and more water to flush solid waste. This can be done by pressing the correct button.

3.Installing a tap or faucet aerator

Adding an aerator to your tap/faucet will add air to the consistent flow of water reducing the amount of water consumed while giving a free-flowing stream of water. Tap or faucet aerators are inexpensive, effective and easy to install. Aerators should be installed in the taps in bathrooms as well as kitchens. This installation will help save water by reducing its consumption by 80%.

4.Shower for a shorter duration

Try and shorten the duration of time you spend under a shower or while taking a bath. This will not just cut down on the consumption of water but will also give you more time to indulge in other activities of the day.

5.Fixing the leaks

Leakage from pipes in the bathroom and kitchen should be taken care of immediately. Such issues if left unattended will result in a lot of water being wasted. Adittionally, this will lead to seepage in the walls which will cause damage to the fittings and walls.

Water conservation in the Kitchen

Washing Utensils in Kitchen

  • Washing utensils with hands

You can minimize the wastage of water by rinsing dishes in water collected in a large sink or basin. Leaving the water running results in a lot of water being needlessly spent.

  • Re-use RO water

RO waste water can be reused in a number of ways. Use the water that gets wasted to wash your car, water your plants , washing or flushing the toilets or pre-rinsing laundry. An average RO purifier wastes 3 litres of water for every 1 litre of purified water. This is one of the few important steps to save water.

  • De-frost frozen food in refrigerator

Wisely use the defrost option of your refrigerator which will lead to saving a lot of water that gets wasted when vegetables and fruits get thawed by conventional methods. Plan well ahead of time since defrosting in refrigerator takes a lot of time.

Save water while washing clothes

  • Gift yourself an efficient washing machine

Top loading washing machines use 150 to 170 litres of water for one cycle of wash. You can save 50 percent water by using high-efficient top loading washing machines. Top loading machines are a great choice because they use much less water than top loading washing machines and save electricity as well.

  • Load it up!

Ensure that your washing machine is fully loaded and use the economy mode to save both water and electricity.

Water conservation in the outdoors

Water Harvesting of Home roof

Save water and use it judiciously outside the confines of your home by ensuring that one of the following methods is followed.

  • Install a float valve

A float valve is a simple, effective and inexpensive equipment for stopping the overflow of water. A standard float valve shouldn't be installed if you're filling your tank with a motor pump. It stops the incoming flow of water when the water in the tank reaches the maximum level.

  • Install a water meter

Water meters can be very helpful in keeping a check on leaks. It will measure the amount of water that is being used and reduces the wastage of water.

  • Install a Water Tank Overflow alarm

Overflow Alarm is a small electronic device that raises an alert every time water overflows from a tank. It does not stop the flow of water, it alerts you so that you can shut off the pump.

  • Install an Automatic Water Level controller

Automatic Water Level Controller is an electronic device which controls the water level in your water tank. It consists of an electronic controller and water level sensors. This device automatically switches on/off your water motor/pump when the water level in the tank reaches a maximum or minimum level. This helps to save water but also prevents damage to roofs and walls from overflowing water.

  • Use a bucket of water to wash your vehicle

Whether you own a bike or car or both, it is advisable to wash them using buckets of water so that you can keep a track of the water being used while conserving the amount of water that is spent.

Save Water by using Intelligent Watering Techniques in the Garden

Water Conservation in Outdoor Garden Sprinkler

You can keep your home garden and plants green and fresh by watering them using intelligent watering techniques. For example, if you are using a watering pipe install a hose or spray gun to cover more area while using much less water. The best time of day to water a garden is in the morning or evening so that the water does not immediately evaporate. Refrain from watering a garden on a rainy day. Supply water to the depths as when required. In this case, plants will develop with deeper roots. Scuh plants need to watered less frequently.

  • Collect water to use in the garden

Find ways to save rainwater for use in the garden.Use a huge metal drum which catches water and stores it efficiently.Remember to cover the water barrels to keep mosquitoes at bay. This method will help save water that can be used in the garden or for washing your vehicles.

Water is probably the most important resource on earth which is sadly getting polluted and wasted thus depleting the natural fresh water resources that we have we have.

In developed nations we tend to take water for granted wasting it without giving it a thought.It has therefore become an urgent necessity to look for ways to conserve water and make sure that we preserve and recycle the resources we have.

Do you follow any of these steps to save water at home? If not, don't you think you must get started before it gets too late?

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