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Farm / Agriculture land for Sale in Bangalore

Looking for Agricultural Land for Sale in Bangalore?


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Unlike other states in India, Agricultural Land or Farmland in Bangalore and Karnataka as a whole could not be sold to the common man. One had to be a farmer or next of kin of a farmer to buy and sell agricultural land.

But in 2020, the Karnataka Legislative Council has passed reforms to cut off these restrictions. Now the Karnataka Land Reforms (Second Amendment) have been passed, making it more easier for individuals who wish to buy or sell Karnataka farmlands to get it.

More specifically, it repeals Act 79(A) that sets a limit of agricultural income to 25 lakhs, and Act 79(B), which states that it doesn't allow non farmers or agriculturists to buy these farming lands as well as 79(C), the penalty for falsely holding the agricultural lands.

And as these reforms stood in effect, it became increasingly hard for the enthusiasts to buy off these farmlands, and more than the rural regions, it affected the cityscapes.

The Demand for Farmlands for Sale in Bangalore.

As you all know, Bangalore is an ever expanding city. As more and more migrants looking for a new beginning or better prospects in Technology or Digital professions. And as the startup capital, as well as the tech capital, became more and more welcoming to the international tech titans to its soil, the need for more room also increased, which drastically called up for assimilating the nearby rural regions into the fold of its tech infrastructure.

Thus those who want to expand their residential options, as well as commercial options now, can expand upon the agricultural lands for sale in Bangalore and its vicinities. But is that all?

There are also many individuals who love to farm and are agricultural enthusiasts who desire to create an ecosystem where they want to create a farmhouse in Bangalore too but were forbidden till now to get their piece of land as they don't have a kinship with a farming background.

This will further help in the boosting of organic farming sectors as there might be an increase of green pastures existing side by side to the cityscapes, which can create both a picturesque landscape as well as reduce the ill effects of urbanization within the city as well.

The repealing of these acts will also help in creating more farmlands in Bangalore, as many people can now convert their existing plots into agricultural lands. There is no dearth of farmlands within the Bangalore cityscape then and can actually help in the creation of many jobs in both the agrarian sector as well as the logistic industry.

So, where to buy agricultural lands in Bangalore?

Though there might be countless sources that claim to give the best farmlands for sale, you always have to go for the most trustworthy services in Bangalore's real estate. And now you have found us!

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